Monday, September 17, 2007

Bill Belichick - Cheating on his Mistress with Al Michaels?!?

Bill Belichick swaps outfits with a homeless man, in an attempt to escape the media's glare.

Readers – consider yourselves lucky if you have a job, and were therefore unable to stay up and watch the end of the Patriots – Chargers game on Sunday night. You really did yourself a favour by not watching a grown man, Al Michaels, fawning over crooked Bill Belichick, and the rest of the Patriots organization.

Now, don’t get me wrong….The Patriots are a good team, you can’t really deny that. They hammered the Chargers and were very discrete in their cheating this week, (they couldn’t just point a video camera at the opposing defensive co-ordinator, they probably had to use some sort of spy camera. Google and the CIA were in on it.)

The way Al Michaels spoke at the end of the game, you would have thought that Bill Belichick’s family was murdered, or the Pat’s practice facility was attacked by terrorists earlier in the week. I’m going from memory here, but at one point I’m pretty sure Michaels used the term “overcame adversity” to describe Belichick’s week. The sight of Belichick running down the tunnel, so cleverly shot by NBC to show delusional Pats fans, not to mention some random soldiers clapping and saluting the dumpy one, was enough to make anyone who is NOT a Pats fan, (legitimate or the much more popular bandwagon variety) sick.

Hey Al Michaels – here’s a history lesson. Jackie Robinson overcame adversity. Bill Belichick did not.

What Bill Belichick did is in no way different from what Barry Bonds apparently did. In my opinion, it’s a LOT worse than anything Pete Rose did. For some reason, Belichick is treated like the victim who overcame the big, bad media accusations and made good. A real American hero! Barry Bonds will forever live with a “Yeah, but” included in any discussion of his accomplishments. Pete Rose, who defined what it is to be a ball player, (on the field, at least), has become a side-show. Banned from baseball for betting on his team to WIN. How does that make any sense?

I could go on all day…but I’m not going to. It honestly makes me too angry. I really won’t be happy about any of this until the NFL hands down a real punishment. A $500,000 fine isn’t much when you make $4.2 million a year. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Bob Kraft tacked an extra $500K to the signing bonus of the contract extension Belichick signed this week.

I thank the NFL for giving me three hours of my life back though. I’m not going to even bother watching the Bills-Patriots next week. The self-torture of watching that game would be akin to the actions of those weirdos who deliberately burn themselves and/or cut off their limbs. There is no logical reason to put myself through that.


  1. I'll bet you $50 that you still watch at least some of the Bills game next week.

  2. that caption for the picture is priceless.

  3. Lol! As a HUGE Pats fan I can't exactly be impartial-- but even given my feminine instinct to examine every possible perspective-

    Sorry Mike :P! Your denunciations are BS and I think you just made up an opinion (Yay Toronto!!) and ran with it.

    You gotta visit Boston on any day to feel the beautiful community & comeraderie that's here on any corner. We're loud, blunt and way-into our own teams-- sorry hun, but your comments about the Pats don't bug me at all. I just feel disappointed for you that you don't have the same sports bond in Toronto!

    p.s. I can't disagree-- Toronto has its own charm, its solid identity and even (dare we say it?) a nice tourist-thing going for it.

    But the Pats rule, and getting to know the players personally-- you 'aint never gonna tell me different.

  4. You know Virginia, you make some sense.

    Toronto's not a sports town and I'm somewhat jealous of cities that are into their teams. That's a fact.

    And your observation that I made up an opinion and ran with it....that's spot on. Kind of the whole idea of this weblog thing....and opinions in general, really.


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