Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Appalachian Who?

As many of WWMRD's sporting readers already know, Appalachian State pulled off the miracle upset of Michigan (at the Big House, no less) this past weekend, and effectively ended Michigan's shot at a national title. Wow. Tough break.

You know, that is one think I like about the NFL. The "there is always next week" excuse will work for a good part of the season. For the past few seasons, I spend a good part of November calculating what has to happen elsewhere in the AFC for the Bills to make the playoffs. This is always assuming the Bills will run the table. I don't think I could take it if championship hopes could be crushed on any given week. It's pretty much an 11/12 game playoff run.

Anyway. Good for those kids from rural North Carolina. I really don't have anything to add here, I just wanted to write something so I could include this picture. I had no idea Jack Black was an Appalachian State Mountaineer.

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