Wednesday, December 5, 2007

St. Ann, kinda town.

Tom Brady is NOT welcome at the Jack Rehagen Municipal Pool.

Let's set things straight....I don't really know a whole lot about "web logging". Apparently, some people do this for a living....which would be awesome, but that would involve somehow getting traffic, and generating revenue from said traffic. I don't know how to do this....don't really care to find out. Google Ads is good enough for me. I have been making upwards of $1 a month at WWMRD, and that's plenty....if you live in the third world.

That said, one "web logging" tool that I do enjoy is Google Analytics. It allows me to see how many visitors arrive daily on WWMRD, and how they got here. As you know, it's always fun to know your big in Japan. Mostly, I'm big in Etobicoke, (thanks Lindsey!).

Well, today I was checking out the old stat tracker and I noticed that I had a visitor from a wonderful place called St. Ann, Missouri. It wasn't the location that intrigued me, it was the choice of Google search term that lead this visitor to WWMRD. St. Ann's favourite son arrived on WWMRD by going to Google and searching for the term:

tom brady getting shot pictures

Are you kidding me? How awesome (and bizarre) is that.

Now, I don't condone murder...not even against members of the Pats - so don't get all worked up. I'm just amazed that somehow WWMRD has become an online resource for people in search of Tom Brady snuff media. Should I take this as a compliment? I'm not really sure.....

By the way, if the visitor in search of "tom brady getting shot pictures" is out there, please come back! Post some comments below! Inquiring minds want to know....what exactly were you looking for?

Alright - time for bed. My apologies for the lack of volume here at WWMRD lately. Ideally, come Monday AM, this will be the webs top resource for "Troy Polamalu snapping Tom Brady's leg" pics. (I said I didn't condone murder, but I am all about career-ending injuries.)

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