Thursday, August 2, 2007

To my fan(s) in Boston....

As per Google Analytics, on August 1st, a "fan" came across my blog via a google search for the magical term "Tom Brady". Said search was also based out of Boston. This one view....if it came from a kid who can't read, or from Shaughnessy himself, completely justifies the fact that I stayed up past my bedtime last night.

So, to continue on my Boston rant, I swear by the following: If the Pats 53 man roster were to somehow become engaged with enemy insurgents in a fight to the death, I would root for the insurgents. That is a fact. Normally I can see past the fact that ye are an opposing team, and probably decent human beings otherwise....not in this case. And to be honest, this is probably not all your fault. It is the NFL and the NFL Media for perpetuating the "legacy" of the recent Pats teams. If you think I am lying, consider this: The Pats did not get called for a penalty vs the Bills in Week One of the 2006 season. Not one. Actually, when I re-read the boxscore, it claims the Pats had one penalty for five yards...which I fail to remember. Anyone who watches football will tell you that a penalty-less game is impossible. Not unless the NFL is on your side.....which would explain why the Pats have got every call since 2001. Even the most biased Pats fan has to wonder how Donte Whitners INT was whistled dead last year. It's BS and you all know it. The league is in on this.

And if you want to know how I feel about the broadcasters, read the post of a few days ago.

Let the following be known:

Tom Brady is a deadbeat dad. It is a fact. He dumped his longtime girlfriend shortly after knocking her up. Don't blame this on her....this is hallmark behavior of a deadbeat. If Tom Brady weren't white, this would be bigger news....and you're naive if you think that's not the truth.

Bill Belichick is an adulterer. It is a fact. In the divorce trial of Vincent Shenocca and his wife Sharon, Vincent has accused Sharon of adultery at the hands (and undersized genetalia) of Belichick. Sharon's courtroom rebuttal is to ask her ex-husband to provide proof she had an affair with old Bill. Prove it? That is your rebuttal??!? Is your lawyer in the ninth grade? Here's how Vincent will prove it. Sharon used to receive parcels containing $30,000 cash on a regular basis from one B. Belichick. If that is not proof enough, well then the American justice system has failed. How else would that pear shaped douchebag get any? He wears hoodies....full time!! He can't even take a lesson from Jack Del Rio and put on a suit for a prime time game??!? The ghost of Vince Lombardi weeps. It's probably because he can't find a suit in a 54 short. He's a dumpy, miserable f*ck who pays for sex. Case closed.

Tedy Bruschi is on steroids. People bash Barry Bonds (black) for being on the juice....while Tedy Bruschi (white) remains an American hero. How else does a guy in his early 30s have a stroke?!?!? He must have had help. Clearly a number of NFL players must be on something....but how does Teflon Bruschi get off so easily? And why does everyone treat his as an all-pro?!?! He's an AVERAGE player, at best.

Tedy is also a bad father and a homosexual, (not that there is anything wrong with that. The homo part. There is EVERYTHING wrong with being a bad father).
Click on the picture below. Wikipedia does not lie.

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