Saturday, August 4, 2007

Deion Sanders.....ughhh....

Wow, Deion Sanders needs to be slapped. The other day, he spouts off and defends Michael Vick in the media. Are these truly his thoughts, or does he just want to keep his name in the press? I think it's a little of both.

Deion's column can be found here

Now I can't disagree with everything he says, but, just shut up for once. Writing an article like this just seems a little self serving. Deion, will your next move be to deny the holocaust? Just to stir the pot a little?

Secondly, did anyone catch the Hall of Fame induction ceremony on TV today? Good stuff...great speeches...even better with Thurman Thomas getting in there. What does Deion Sanders do??? He wears a suit IN THE EXACT SHADE OF YELLOW / MUSTARD / GOLDENROD THAT THE INDUCTEES ARE PRESENTED WITH!!! Wow, way to disrespect the guys who are being inducted today....including your former teammate Michael Irvin. Could you not find another 8-button monstrosity in your closet? Just for today? Maybe a lilac or burnt sienna?

Sorry for the terrible quality...this was snapped direct from my TV...couldn't find a better version online.

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