Friday, August 17, 2007

I got nothin...

I'm going to be honest with you...I got nothing. I have nothing at all to write, I'm going to just start writing and see how that turns out. Even after that past sentence, still nothing. Just padding word count at this point.

OK, first about another look-a-like. Everyone likes those. I present to you a set of twins, seperated at birth. Former Charlton striker Kevin Lisbie and Warrick Dunn. about those Toronto FC fans? Passionate bunch, but there are a few who take things a little too seriously, no?

John Doyle has an interesting article about Toronto FC posted on the Guardian's (a UK newspaper) website.

Meanwhile in Canada...

He's a Canadian, who has written a complimentary piece about Toronto FC and it's fans for the masses overseas. Basically, it article can be summed up as follows, "Toronto FC has a great following. Didn't need Beckham to make the game popular here. Danny Dichio is a folk hero."

Now, you may remember that Toronto FC fans were up in arms over the fact that Damien Cox did not mention them in his recent article about summer sports in Toronto. Fair enough. Now, Toronto FC gets mentioned lovingly in a publication with a much higher profile than The Star, and what happens? Some fans, (maybe the same ones, maybe it's a totally different group), get totally pissed that Doyle referred to the team as "The FC" and not "TFC". For shame.

You know what, who really cares what the team gets called? Just enjoy it. Don't bombard Doyle with your complaints....he wasn't being smug or intentionally belittling the was all done with good intentions.

The fans who nitpick about others who call the team "FC" or "The FC" need to realize that this is North America, and MLS is a North American league. The standard naming of a franchise is as follows:


For example:

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Barrie Baycats
  • Macon Whoopee (this is fo real)
  • Hamilton Predators
So, for anyone who isn't a stickler asshole, referring to the team as FC is fine. It fits the naming convention of city name, followed by team name. Now, I agree that FC is kind of a dumb name for a team, and TFC has a better ring to it, but relax....everyone is rooting for the same team.

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  1. nice, I like that you gave a shout out to the Barrie Baycats.


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