Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Fantasy Football Draft...

Well, today was the day...finally had my first fantasy football draft of the year. My team is currently named "Posluszny Hates You" and we rule. Check the photo below...he totally hates you.

Now, I must say that I did zero research prior to draft day. Mainly, I was just trying to pick guys who hadn't torn their ACL in the past 90 days. Not really sure how the team will hold up, but let us examine on a pick-by-pick basis. Pretty standard 12-team league.

Round 1. (6th Overall) Frank Gore RB

Figured he'd go anywhere between 4th and 7th, so was glad to see he was there at #6. Thought about Shaun Alexander here, but he's getting old and Alexander (to me anyways) seems like the type of guy who will fade away quickly, a la Marshall Faulk a few years ago. I could be very wrong, but I took Gore. I didn't realize he only had eight TDs last year...oh well.

Round 2. (19th Overall) Maurice Jones-Drew RB

I remember him causing Buffalo fits last year...then again, which RB didn't? As Fred Taylor breaks down even more, Jones-Drew should carry the load in Jacksonville. That said, Fred Taylor may have retired...I have no idea. Did you know Buffalo traded the pick that became Fred Taylor for Rob Johnson. Yikes.

Round 3. (30th Overall) Terrell Owens WR

With WRs getting a point for every ten receiving yards, I had to forget about a QB for the time being. Figure TO is worth the risk in Round 3, with Ocho Cinco and the other big guys off the board. I'm sure he will have sulked his way out of Dallas by Week 8...but maybe I can deal him to the Cowboys fan in our league.

Round 4. (43rd Overall) Lee Evans WR

Sweet Lee 8-3. Love this guy. There is a good chance that Buffalo's offense this coming season is going to consist exclusively of the deep ball...that bodes well for Evans. Trying to make a Larry Craig joke here, using the term "receiving" and "balls", but I just can't put it together. Feel free to contribute in the comments section below. Best joke wins a prize.

Round 5. (54th Overall) Reggie Brown WR

One of the better WRs with some upside left. I read a fantasy report that said he was poised for superstardom. Good enough for me.

Round 6. (67th Overall) Vernon Davis TE

He was a Top 10 pick in 2006. I remember him putting up good numbers before he got hurt last season. The fancy TEs, like Gates, Gonzales and Heap were I took a chance on Davis over Winslow.

Round 7. (78th Overall) San Diego DEF

I'm happy about this pick. Didn't Merriman have like 85 sacks in only 4 games last year? That's what I am hoping for again this year. Just hope Merriman and Castillo can stay off the drugs...I don't need any suspensions.

Round 8. (91th Overall) Jerious Norwood RB

This was a "Oh yeah...I forgot this guy even existed. He was decent when I saw him last year!" Again, no idea if Warrick Dunn is even healthy, so I hope that Norwood is the guy in Hotlanta. I really dislike the surname "Norwood", but "Jerious" is a great first name. No denying that.

Round 9. (102nd Overall) Jay Cutler QB

I pretty much gave up on picking a QB a long time ago. I think every team in the league had one except for me. Went ahead and took Cutler once I realized guys were starting to draft backup QBs. Did not want to get stuck with Rex Grossman....though someone did take him. Wow. Cutler, another guy who is being handed the #1 job in his second season...seems like the theme of my team. I had thought about Chadwick Pennington, but no dice....and no arm.

Round 10. (115th Overall) Anthony Gonzalez WR

Rookie, but figures to have Peyton Manning chuckin the ball to him. Seemed reasonable at this point....although all the articles raving about Gonzalez may have been written by the same people who got LaMont Jordan into the first round a few drafts a couple years back.

Round 11. (126th Overall) Craig Davis WR

Rookie, but looks to be a Top 2 receiver on a team that moves the ball. Actually make that a number three, or even four. Apparently, San Diego has a good TE and RB. To be honest, I just wanted to draft a black guy with a really white name. I have a Mexican friend named Arturo, (one day, I may go into more detail.) He's a Chargers fan. I would like to see a Mexican wear the jersey of a black guy with a white name. It's about as close to world peace as we may ever get.

Round 12. (139th Overall) Olindo Mare K

New Orleans scores a lot of points. They play indoors. Olindo went to the 'Cuse. Enough said. Thought about Janikowski, just so I could make roofie jokes.....but I didn't.

Round 13. (150th Overall) Ladell Betts RB

How many yards from scrimmage did Betts have last year? 700? 800? WRONG. Try 1599! I had no idea until after drafting him, but this makes me feel better. My rationale with this pick was that Clinton Portis would eventually get hurt, or quit football to record a rap all Miami Hurricanes do. (Oh crap...I took Frank Gore at #6, and he went to Miami.) It might be that kinda season.

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