Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guess what today is!!!!

Today, July 25th, is the first day of Bills training camp. The first step in what should be, the good Lord willing, a Superbowl Championship season!

If there are any questions as to how awesome the Bills are going to be this year, let those questions be answered by the following video:

So, the Bills had the best Special Teams in the league last year, and they go ahead and add a player who has clearly been sent by the Lord. You hear that AFC East?!? That's John Wendling jumping over you.

In other AFC East news, Tedy Bruschi is not dead.....unfortunately.

Actually, a dead Tedy Bruschi would be the WORST THING EVER! Why, you ask? Because Joe Theismann and the rest of the NFL media is for some reason in LOVE with Tedy Bruschi, a pretty average linebacker.

The best thing that could happen would be for Bruschi to play this year, have an average season, then fade away. If he were to die, there is a chance the NFL would disband. It would just be too painful. Actually, would not disband, but it would end up changing the name of the 'Superbowl' to the Tedy Bruschi Memorial. All teams in the league would wear be forced to wear black uniforms in perpetuity.

Remember how Nirvana used to be an OK band? Cobain blows his head off, and now they are remembered as the voice of a generation, and 'Nevermind' is the greatest album of the past 25 years. If Bruschi dies, it would that much worse. There would be tributes every Sunday for the next 60 years. He would be remember as the man who invented football, tore down the Berlin Wall, walked on the moon and cured polio.....all during halftime of a game in which he registered 200 sacks!

I want to discuss his GARBAGE player of the week award in his comeback game a couple years ago....but I am just TOO ANGRY. TOOOOOO ANNGRRRRRYYYYY!

OK...back to the Bills. JP Losman (from now on referred to as Jesus P.) will hopefully be in fine form this season. Check out the video below. It is encouraging, but I have to disagree with the statement that the current Bills offense is looking a lot like the Rams of old. Lee Evans is as good as Tory Holt.....but Peerless Price/Josh Reed are no Isaac Bruce.

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