Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't forget....

Don't forget to click on the many wonderful ads on my blog....I f*cking hate that word.

I need Google to send me a check for $0.12 next month.

Here's a question - what's the smallest amount you would actually walk to the bank machine to deposit a cheque for? It can't be "oh, I dropped it off on the way to Sun Valley". You have to make a specific trip for this cheque. I say, $4.50.

Discuss in the comments section below.

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  1. Here's one for ya. At Christmas time I bought one share of Disney to give to my niece -- they have this nice share certificiate with a drawing of all the Disney characters and Walt Disney -- precious. The gift that keeps on giving...particulary when, like me, you forget to buy the share in the recipient's name and you get the dividend cheques. Boo ya (kidding, I don't steal from kids and I'm not a jerk).

    Which brings me to the point of my story & my response to above. Last week I received a cheque for US$0.33 -- a dividend on the one share of Disney that I own. So do I deposit it? It's sitting here on my desk. I'm looking at it right now. My options as I see them:

    1) go to the ATM and deposit the cheque -- but can you deposit a cheque for under $1? And it's in US currency? Does the ATM make the conversion to Canadian dollars automatically? Or do I have to go the branch to ensure that my deposit is converted into the appropriate currency? Hence,...
    2) go to the branch and look like a douchebag trying to deposit a $0.33 cheque?
    3) don't deposit it at all.
    4) since the share is technically for my niece, send US$0.33 (C$0.35) to my sister and have her deal with it -- put it in my niece's piggy bank or what have you. If I don't do that I am literally stealing money from a baby -- my niece is one-year old.

    I like option 4. Thank you "web-based journal" for helping me reason through my dilemma. But is this what Mike Reno would do?

    As an aside, this reminds me of that great Seinfeld episode where Jerry cramps his hand up depositing all those royalty cheques from his appearances on Japanese TV. Great show. Now THAT's the gift that keeps on giving.


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