Monday, July 30, 2007

Chileans love Danny Cooksey

Well, here is an article from the fair and balanced "El Mercurio" newspaper from Chile.

Sulantay reveals aggression of Arturo Vidal to police

Hopefully the Google translation works. Although this isn't the greatest translation, the gist of it reveals that it was everyone's favourite Chilean, Arturo Vidal, who punched a female cop to start the brawl a couple weeks ago.

Is this surprising? Not at all. This guy was the dirty, spineless, public enemy #1 on the Chilean team. I'm sure he has no problems with hitting cops or females, or as we saw a couple weeks ago, female cops.

The translated version of this quote says so much:

"Vidal says not to remember, but he clarifies that he did not stick a woman"

I found this quote to be somewhat shocking, "but nothing justifies the violence that came later, not even the blow to a woman." If I read this correctly, it seems to say that it is OK to punch a female cop in the face. These kids are LUCKY that the extent of their punishment was a shot of pepper spray and a few minutes in cuffs. I'm sure there are a lot of cops out there who would have loved to beat the crap out of these kids....and even as the Chilean team continues to complain about their treatment, I guarantee none of them were treated all that badly, (aside from the kid who got tasered). If any of the players had as much as a black eye or a fat lip, we would have seen it on the cover of The Sun.

In lighter news, Adam "Pac Man" Jones is going to spend his NFL sabbatical as a pro wrestler.....which seems like a novel idea, assuming it is with the WWE...but it's not. He is joining "Total Nonstop Wrestling" some budget rasslin circuit based out of Nashville. Good for everyone knows there is no money in being a top-level NFL corner, (as I write this, Asante Samuel, (who is pretty average) has been tagged by the Pats and will make $7.8 million this year....the best part is, he is pissed off about it!)

Most interesting part of the article? It would have to be, "The TNA wrestling promotion is based in Nashville and is owned by Panda Energy but is a distant second in a realm ruled by World Wrestling Entertainment. The company is run by Dixie Carter and longtime pro wrestler Jeff Jarrett."

Dixie Carter runs a wrestling company! That is awesome. I wonder how the late Mr. Drummond would feel about the proceeds of his penthouse sale being spent as such? Does Dixie's annoying ginger son Sam have a cushy exec job with TNA? I bet he does.

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