Monday, July 9, 2007

Storm is coming....I hope.

So, its 3:30pm and according to the people in charge of forecasting the weather, we've got a storm coming. Awesome. I must say that I am pumped because in the coming hours/days there's a massive tree branch across the road, and it is coming down.

This is the branch in question, not sure if you will notice the large crack. Apparently, the city has been informed of this, but isn't doing anything about it. The other picture is of the cars it is going to damage.

Why am I suddenly interested in tree-related damage? Well, because the same tree provided an afternoon of general disturbance this past Saturday. Under the duress of light-to-moderate winds, a small branch came down on top of Lindsey's car. See the once majestic branch, and the damage to Lindsey's VW below.

It's now 3:39 - fingers crossed.

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