Monday, July 16, 2007

The All-Canadian Power Couple

If Tom Cochrane and Sass Jordan had a kid, would this kid be a Canadian Idol contender? I say yes.

Why? Sass is a judge, and would have enough clout with the other guys to at least get the kid past the first few rounds of cuts. Also, there is no doubt CTV would air a segment about the kid during some Rod Black-hosted figured skating event. If I know demographics, people who like figure skating also like Canadian Idol.

The most reasonable argument is that the kid would no doubt "rock out". Sass Jordan can (could?) belt it out at one point, which is why I assume she was amongst the contenders to join Van Halen...eventually being beaten out by the dude from Extreme. Tom Cochrane writes (wrote?) songs which are quintessentially Canadian. Which I guess means they'd be A-OK for the Idol format.

I suggest everyone go out and make an effort to watch MuchMore Retro, airing pretty much twice daily on MuchMore Music. It's delightful...although, you usually have to sit through a bunch of crap (ie Shania Twain, TLC, Madonna) before you get to something awesome, (Haywire, Northern Pikes, Prince, Platinum Blonde).

I will try to document the next episode here, so stay tuned.

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