Monday, March 10, 2008

Islands love me....

Another day, another couple countries added to the tally...

The kid on the left was looking some anti-Belichick content. He found it here.

Today, it was New Zealand and the Solomon Islands. Good people down there.

Well, other that just writing about the quest for world domination, I figure I should ad some actual content. Problem is, I really have nothing to write about. Nothing inspires me. Last fall's inevitable return to the 9-5, it 8-6...has numbed my brain to the point where I can't even string together 300 words on the Bills offseason acquisitions.

Let's see what else sucks:

-TV, except for my new favourite show Manhunter on OLN.
-Commuting. Everyone should tune into Steve Holt's series on Toronto's finest here.
-Moving. Yes, I have to move this weekend. Not cool.
-Chris Bosh's bum knee.
-Record snowfalls.

Help us Matt're are only hope!

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