Friday, November 2, 2007

A tribute to my final day of vacation....

After four months of relative leisure, I am back to the world of work on Monday. This is both fortunate and unfortunate, depends how you look at it. Fortunate in the sense that my creditors will no longer be out for blood. Unfortunate in the sense that working significantly cuts into leisure time.

What will happen to WWMRD? That remains to be seen. Updates may be sporadic at first, until I am comfortable enough to write text on company time. In the meantime, please enjoy the piece below entitled, "My Summer - Photos from a Telephone". It's loosely considered photojournalism...

Here's a photo of me, along with Bret Michaels, the charismatic frontman of the awesome band Poison. This was taken in the concourse down at the Rogers Centre. As everyone already knows, Poison rulez.

Even though she will deny it for life, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" was the "first dance" song at the wife and I's wedding this past summer. It doesn't really make much sense as a wedding song, mainly due to the fact it was written by Bret Michaels while lamenting his failed love affair with a stripper. A nice song nonetheless....

You will notice that I've protected my identity using an photoshop tool so airtight that not even a German cop could crack it! This technique was taught to me by one of my co-stars in "Road Trip II : Let's Thai One On!"

Contrary to what this sign says, WWMRD will never sell out. Now, would you please excuse me while I fetch myself an ice cold Pepsi. I quite thirsty from listening to XM Satellite Radio in my Ford Focus all morning.

Here's a photo snapped at a pre-season Leafs vs Sens game. It features some dude wearing a headband, along with his "way too hot for him" girlfriend. If the photo was of a bit better quality, I would have submitted it to Hot Chicks with Douchebags, (which is a wonderful website by the way....).

There's a chance this guy is actually the brother of Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson. It would explain how he got the great seats and hot girlfriend.

Memo to Henrik Alfreddson (or whatever this guy's name may be): Only one guy is cool enough to rock the headband on a weeknight. His name is Mike Reno...see the pictures at the top of this page.

This was taken from our balcony in Monterosso, Italy. The little animal is a rabbit. I'm not sure if it had a name, but if given the naming rights, I would have called it Italian Evel Knievel. Reason being that this wee bunny seemed completely unfazed as it enjoyed some foliage on the edge of a balcony 20-some-odd feet up.

Since this was in Italy, I assume this rabbit was eventually killed and eaten. I'm sure he would have tasted wonderful braised with a nice gremolata.

This photo was taken while sitting on a patio in Nice, France. The sign that lists the available menu options "Cocktails, Glacier" becomes much more awesome when there is a speaker in the way. Instead of "Cocktails, Glacier", it now seems to read "Cock Glacier".

I really don't know why I find that funny.....but if I ever start a band, you better believe we are calling ourselves "Cock Glacier".

This one is good ole Craven Cottage, home to Fulham FC. Nothing really to add here, except if you notice those small openings. Those are actually the gates where you enter the stadium. Each is approximately 16" wide, and will be cited as the main reason thousands of people die if there is ever a stampede or a fire at the Cottage.

If you look closely at the photo above, you will notice that one dart has actually pierced the dart thrown ahead of it. This kind of accuracy has not been seen since Jeremy Roenick in NHL '94 on the Sega Genesis....

And finally, the last photo. This was taken last night (November 1st) at the Real Canadian Superstore at Eglinton and Don Mills. Oh my - this savings of 0.154% is far too good to pass up! How will the Westsons continue to fund cultural projects in Canada and the UK when they are making such reckless cuts in revenue?? They'll never be able to buy themselves a place in the House of Lords now!!!


  1. Hope you had a nice vacation. Congratulations on your commitment.

    Don't forget to cheer hard and heckle Tom Brady for us Splash ladies. We missed your comments.

    Go Buffalo!


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