Friday, October 19, 2007

Christopher Paul Neil - EXPOSED!

After a three week hiatus, WWMRD is back!!!

A lot of people have been asking me, “Hey – Where are you? We’ve come to rely on our daily fix of WWMRD and you have let us down. What gives?”

I have been forced to tell everyone that I was on my honeymoon in Europe, when in fact I was deep in the jungles of SE Asia, tracking down the notorious perv Christopher Paul Neil. Once Thai authorities were finally able to bag him, I’ve been allowed to return home.

As a service to WWMRD’s readers, I’m able to show you two very recent photos of Mr. Neil. The first shows him being lead into the courtroom with his face covered in a blue towel. The second shows him with said towel removed.

The second photo is very, very disturbing. Christopher Paul Neil displays all the tell-tale trademarks of a sexual predator:

1. Ginger hair.
2. Goofy smile.
3. Listens to a lot of Gary Glitter.

[note – almost all predators listen to Gary Glitter. Apparently, he’s a bit of a folk hero in the perv scene. The tradition of playing Glitter’s "Rock and Roll Part 2" at NHL games got it’s start at Maple Leaf Gardens in the 1970s….around the same time Gordon Stuckless was put in charge of working the PA at Leafs games.]

Some might think that finding someone matching this description would be simple - as you would think he’d stand out in a crowd anywhere in Thailand. This was not the case, as in fact there are boatloads of creepy looking predators in Thailand. Most of them looked like this guy:

We were able to track him down because he was the only one of these guys who was wearing a Larry Walker jersey. Hopefully this incident does not soil the good name of Maple Ridge, BC forever. The ghost of Greg Moore weeps.

So there you have it….we got our man. I’m glad to be back home, because after three weeks of heavy usage of the terms “Bangkok” and “Interpol” (which kind of sounds like “enter pole”), I’m all giggled out.

Good readers do not worry. WWMRD is back online. I will have an update on my “real” honeymoon later today…or maybe tomorrow…or Monday. God bless.

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